flat iron Basics

The down & dirty about what you need to know about flat irons.

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High-quality flat irons maintain their temperature. Like a thermostat in a heater, a high-quality flat iron constantly self-regulates its temperature. This helps protect your hair, ensure proper styling, and prevent product damage. 

Our MK-I Halo Ceramic features a digital display, so you'll always know the exact operating temperature. (Note: It's normal for the temperature to vary slightly. This just means that the temperature regulating chip is doing its job.)

Temperature range

A wider temperature range means more options. Many flat irons have a  simple ON/OFF switch that sets the temperature at around 390°F. If your hair is average, this may be OK. But if your hair is thin or color treated, you’ll want a flat iron that can operate at much lower temperatures. Likewise, if your hair is thick or if you do Brazilian blowouts, you’ll need a flat iron that can get much hotter. It's always best to start with a low temperature and increase as you need it. The MK-I Halo Ceramic flat iron has a temperature range of 140° - 450°F, so it can be used for all types of hair and applications.

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Flat irons are one of the most commonly copied products in the beauty industry. A cursory search on Amazon will show that many customers have been burned by buying knock-off products.

Buying directly from the manufacturer ensures that  you're receiving a genuine product and will be protected by the company warranty.

Plate Size

In most cases, 1-inch plates are optimal for styling, flipping, and curling. Wider plates are useful if you're straightening A LOT of hair, but styling control is sacrificated for speed. The MK-I Halo Ceramic flat iron has 1-inch plates to meet most users' needs.


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Plate Dynamics

The plates of a flat iron should have no gap and be parallel when closed. Unfortunately, most  flat irons do not pass this simple test. Cheaper flat iron plates meet only at the tip, leading to additional pull towards the front and unevenness toward the rear. The MK-I Halo Ceramic flat iron features dual floating and pivoting plates to ensure that your hair is evenly treated. It’s a simple design feature that makes a HUGE difference.


Location of manufacturer

The best flat irons are typically made in South Korea. South Korean flat irons are usually more expensive than Chinese ones, but the superior quality is well worth it.

Just so you know...some companies claim that their flat irons are “Made in the U.S.A.,” but they are actually made in China and assembled or packaged in the United States. The MK-I Halo Ceramic flat iron is manufactured to exacting standards in South Korea.




There are a few genuine dual-voltage flat irons on the market, but you should know that many of the cheaper flat irons marketed as “dual-voltage” will not work once you take them overseas. We discovered this during a product testing and thought you'd want to know.

Our MK-I Halo Ceramic flat iron is made exclusively for North American 120V outlets.